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European transit declarations T1

T1 is a transit document on which the EU bases its rules related to the movement of goods which originated outside the EU. It allows them to move freely within the EU under customs supervision. No custom duties or taxes are payable as the shipment moves from one country to another one within the EU. This is the case until the shipment arrives at its final destination.

T1 transit document guarantees delivery from the European Union’s border to a customs warehouse or intra-EU customs office (or vice versa).

How does it work?

We can also prepare your T1 declaration in advance if you deliver the documents listed below.
  • — Cargo transportation documents — CMR (with the name of the customs office of destination and commodity codes);
  • — Commercial invoice;
  • — Packing list;
  • — Truck and trailer registration passports;
  • — Driver’s telephone number.

The driver is given a declaration number (LRN) by SMS. He has to show the LRN number to the border customs clearance officer when entering the EU. T1 can be ordered by sending documents by e-mail: .

ATTENTION! The driver must necessarily arrive at the customs office mentioned in his CMR.

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