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Customs Guarantee

Our customs bonds are employed to secure the payment of customs duties and taxes

The customs authorities may require the holder of the goods to provide a  guarantee with a view to ensuring payment of the amount of import/export duties. We highly recommend to use the most convenient one – customs guarantee or other.

If you deliver necessary documents, we will make an electronic copy of your transit declaration (TD) (including customs guarantee).

Required documents:

1. Transport documents
  • — CMR
  • — Invoice
  • — Packing list
  • — The TIR Carnet, page 1 and page 2 (if any)
  • — Specification
  • — Veterinary or phytosanitary certificate for the consignment of the plant or animal origin
  • — Division into Customs Codes

2. Other documents:
  • — Truck and trailer registration passports
  • — A copy of the driver’s passport
  • — The driver’s telephone number
  • — The name of the checkpoint on the border
The driver is provided with a transit declaration and EPI code. He only has to deliver these documents to the Belarusian frontier customs office.

Attention! The driver must necessarily arrive at the customs office mentioned in his CMR.


  • 1. Lower costs. It is cheaper than a convoy or the TIR Carnet
  • 2. Your company does not have to be a member of national organizations for international carriers
  • 3. Time. The driver will be given all documents in our offices at the border crossing points. No additional time is needed to create the TIR Carnet
  • 4. Fast and competitive service. We can prepare all documents in advance at your convenience time (but no longer than 2 hours before the driver’s arrival to our office)
  • 5. You can order the service at any of our offices (at the Belarusian-Polish or Belarusian-Latvian borders)
  • 6. The total sum of guarantees is not limited

The price of the service depends on:
  • — The amount of the security — taxes and duties
  • — The distance from the customs office of destination

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