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Preliminary electronic declarations for Belarus (EPI) and for Russia (PI, ETD)

On 12 June 2012 the Customs Union Commission has determined that when importing the goods into the Customs Union, it is necessary to provide advance information on the imported goods. Polbalt sp. z. o. o. company provides its customers with preparing electronic declaration forms for both Belarus (EPI) and Russia (PI, ETD).

How does it work?

When planning the route of the transport you have to take into account the border crossing point we have chosen. It is mandatory to submit electronic information to the customs authorities at the chosen crossing point.

If your cargo crosses the Polish border in Bobrowniki, Kuźnica or Koroszczyn, you can book your EPI in our office or via the Internet, by emailing documents.

Our e-mail addresses: , , .

If your cargo crosses the border at Kamennyj Log / Beniakoni / Privalka (Lithuanian-Belarusian border crossing points) or Terehovo-Burachki, Grebnevo-Ubylinka (Latvian-Russian border crossing points), or Narva-Ivanogrod / Luhamaa-Shumilkino (Estonian-Russian border crossing points), you can request your EPI / PI via the Internet.

In this case, please send all necessary documents to e-mail: . In the heading of your e-mail a name of the border crossing point must be mentioned. Your EPI/PI e-application will be sent to the border crossing point mentioned in your e-mail.

Our specialists will make a transit declaration (TD) and they will send it  to the Customs System. The declaration number will be sent to the driver by SMS or delivered personally.

Documents required for the preparation of EPI:

1. Transport documents:
  • — CMR
  • — Invoice
  • — Packing list
  • — The TIR Carnet
  • — Specification
  • — Veterinary or phytosanitary certificate for the consignment of the plant or animal origin
  • — Division into Customs Codes

2. Other documents:
  • — Truck and trailer registration passports
  • — A copy of the driver’s passport
  • — The driver’s telephone number
  • — The name of the checkpoint on the border

Our specialists will help you to prepare a transit declaration using TIR EPD. We also offer EPI/PI with guarantee.

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