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«Guarantee» is a way of ensuring payment of customs duties, taxes and other customs payments. We offer to use procedures of «guarantee» as an alternative of operation TIR option of customs payments in respect of foreign goods which were placed under the customs procedure of customs transit. This service is efficient and it’s simple in use. It has a number of advantages in comparsion with an another kinds of customs support.

Our C2 gurantee certifcates located at all border crosses between Poland and Belarus (Kuźnica-Bruzgi, Bobrowniki-Berestovica, Koroszczyn-Kozlovichi), also they are located at border crosses between Lithuania and Belarus (Raigardas-Privalka, Salcininkai-Beniakoni, Medininkai-Kamennyj Log).

It’s possible to order certificates in just 1 day before the car arrive to the point of entry
The amount of the guarantee is not limited, so you may get certificates for an amount which is significantly excess the sum of the TIR Carnet
We provide the full set of documents for registration of the customs authorities (EPI, certificates, DTT)
Certificates can be used as a Supplement to the TIR Carnet when the guaranty value exceeds more than € 60 000
The price is much lower than the cost of escort services and at the same time competitive with the price of the purchase and execution of the TIR Carnet
You may not be a member of the national Association of international road carriers

Electronic preliminary

Electronic preliminary informing is an automatic system, which allows to provide the customs office with information about cargo and vehicles before the arrival of cargo at the transfer station. The implementation of Electronic preliminary informing reduces time, costs and the flow of documents while clearing cargo at the border, minimizes the chances of commercial fraud and increases the efficiency of customs control.

EPI is formed by us on the basis of the following information received from the client: commercial and transport documents (CMR, invoice, packing list), the documents of the car (technical passport), the identity document of the representative of the carrier (driver).

You must also specify the name of the checkpoint on the border.

Our specialists basing on these documents will form the EPI and transmit it to the customs authorities. After assigning a unique identification number of the shipment, we will inform the driver. Not less than 2 hours before arrival of the vehicle at the checkpoint EPI should be directed to the automated processing system preliminary information to customs authorities.

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  • Determination of customs duties, calculation of customs payments
  • Filling out certificates of customs duties and taxes payment
  • Customs clearance and preparation of the EPI document (electronic preliminary informing)
  • Printing, scanning and photocopying documents
  • Providing electronic statistical and periodic statistical declaration to the customs authorities
  • Providing customs with authority documents for customs clearance
  • Providing the customs authority an electronic declarations which were registered in the national system of electronic Declaration on the basis of a Commission contract
  • Customs clearance in Belarus, Orsha


POLBALT sp. Z O. O Company is a customs agent which is operating in the Republic of Poland. The main activity of our company is to provide guaranty (certificate) to international carriers.

We offer you to use the procedure of guarantee as an alternative operation to the TIR Carnet. The company operates in both domestic and provide customs services for transport and logistics companies from Belarus, Russia, Germany, Lithuania.